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How will the The Government Shutdown Affect USDA Mortgages?   Unfortunately The USDA has been affected by the government shutdown. When the government shuts it down, they shut all of it down. The screen print below shows the USDA website is off line due to the government shut down. This pretty much tells you USDA […]

Today’s USDA Home Loan Rates For October 19th, 2012 USDA Program Updated Rates *Please note that USDA loan rates are subject to change daily.* *We now have credit score tier specific USDA Mortgage Rates!* *All USDA loan rates posted are based on 30 day locks. * *Please note that the USDA home loan rates posted […]

  When the 2010 Census maps were drawn up, and analyzed, it showed  many communities across the US were scheduled to lose their “rural” designation based on updating the USDA eligibility map and that would cost them the  opportunity to qualify for the No Money Down USDA Mortgage starting October 1, 2012. I’ve personally spoken […]

  USDA Mortgage Funding Update – 9/26/2012!   Back on August 21st, 2012, I posted an update regarding the availability of USDA Mortgage funding for refinance transactions. See that post by clicking the link below.   I am pleased to announce that we are again closing and funding ALL USDA Mortgage loans using the […]

Please see our latest update on USDA Funding here:     USDA Refinance Funds Have Been Exhausted for Fiscal Year 2012!   August 21, 2012   USDA Mortgage Purchase and Refinance Funding Update   This announcement is to inform you of the current commitment authorities available for the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program […]