John was able to help us get our VA Mortgage and close the deal when local companies and loan officers had given up. Great communication,

explanation and advice. Dependable and trustworthy. John and Mitzi both did a great job. We were very happy and impressed.

We would highly recommend John to handle your VA Mortgage application. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks again John,

Mary and Chico
Lincoln City, OR.



Thank you so much for all of your help! I applied for a USDA Mortgage with a local lender and spent 2 months trying to get closed on my first home.

I found John online and he was able to tell me why my first broker couldn’t get my USDA Mortgage closed no matter how many different lenders they sent my loan to because of how they had it set up.

John was able to structure my loan the way it needed to be done and closed in under 30 days.

I wish I would have found John first; it would have saved me a lot of time and anxiety.

Hanover, VA.



Before I applied for my USDA Mortgage with a local broker, I did plenty of research on the USDA program.

I worked with my local broker for almost 2 months and we were still no where near closing.

On top of that, the broker would not allow me to choose which way to handle my closing costs!

It made more sense for me to roll the closing costs into the loan but my broker just would not listen to me.

I also wasn’t very happy with all of the vague answers I would get from my broker any time I asked about my interest rate.

I was so frustrated that I started to do more research online and found John’s website.

John spent a lot of time talking and listening to me and explained all of the options I had available. The best part was that he told me what my local broker wouldn’t.

In the end, John got my loan closed in 30 days and let me decide what rate I locked in at and allowed me to roll the closing costs into my loan!

Thank you so much John.

Cuba, MO



Hey John,

I just wanted to say thanks again.

I can’t believe that my local broker was going to charge me $8,000 in origination and yield spread premium to do my FHA Mortgage.

Thank you for educating me on the mortgage process and saving me thousands of dollars!

I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Austin, TX



Hi John,

We just wanted to thank you again for all of your help.

I was so devastated when my local bank, which I’ve done business with for years, turned me down for an FHA Mortgage.

The bad part about the whole thing is they wouldn’t even give us any advice or help on what to do to get approved.

I’m so glad that we didn’t give up and found your website!

I still can’t believe that with your advice and coaching we were able to get 2 collections deleted and 1 late payment deleted just by making some phone calls.

I really appreciate the information and advice you gave us about how to raise our credit scores high enough to get approved for an FHA Mortgage!

Thank you so much!

Terri & Jeremiah
Gulfport, MS



cjc.wxmet Client, Buyer

I’m was a veteran in a tough spot. I couldn’t qualify for several VA Mortgage programs because of a high debt to income ratio. Other mortgage brokers put me through quite the run-around before finally denying my VA Mortgage. But John looked for alternatives. He was proactive, never without an idea on how to get past a temporary roadblock, and he never gave up. He knew he could find a way to get my VA Mortgage approved. If you need someone who will fight for you, put your case in front of his supervisors and underwriters and advocate for you, call John. He’ll get the job done.

Tue April 24 2012


Trm.relyea Client, Buyer

My husband and I had a unique prior short sale situation that we felt should not hold us back from buying a new house with a VA Mortgage, even though it was under two years. All lenders immediately dismissed us, assuming the worst. John was different. He actually took the time out of his day to listen to our story and treat me with respect as I told it. He took on the challenge and was tenacious from day one! This was not an easy VA Mortgage to manage but he hand held it through the process and WON! We closed on our new home with a VA Mortgage just 11 months after our short sale. If you want someone who will really listen to your needs and go the extra mile to get you in a home, John is your man.

Tue June 26 2012



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