How will the The Government Shutdown Affect USDA Mortgages?


Unfortunately The USDA has been affected by the government shutdown.

When the government shuts it down, they shut all of it down. The screen print below shows the USDA website is off line due to the government shut down. This pretty much tells you USDA is closed until the government figures out a new spending bill. If you applied for a USDA Mortgage and did not receive a loan commitment from USDA prior to the shutdown, you won’t until the government resumes normal operations.

Here’s what doesn’t make sense, FHA & VA are both still functioning so why not USDA or at least leave the web site active?

The good news is there are still resources available if you have questions regarding the no money down USDA mortgages during the government shutdown. You can call me at (877)228-9069 for more information or help.

Government Shut Down

Government Shutdown